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人間の存在など、この地球では、ほんの一時のことなのかもしれない。我々が存在するずっと以前から、 植物の営みは彼らの時間で繰り返され、我々がたとえいなくなった後も尚、繰り返されていくだろう。植物も虫も動物も土も水も、そして我々人間も、この世界の一つの要素にすぎない。本当は、我々は生かされているということ、我々がすべてをコントロールできるわけではないということを忘れてはいけない。

I pick up plants from the ground and create artworks  without damaging the feeling I receive from them.

When wild animals die, they provide food to other animals and insects. They also eventually become soil and provide nutrients to plants. We human beings also were once in this circulation and could be a part of plants. Now, our minds may be shaken by them because our minds still have the memory of the old days when we were a part of them.
Perhaps the existence of humans is only a moment on this earth. Since long before we existed, the activities of plants have repeated during their lifetime and will continue to repeat even after we are gone. Both plants, insects, animals, soil, water, and human beings are just elements of this world.Don’t forget that in fact we are alive because of many things and we can not control everything.









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